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Conjugate verbs with Coniuno


how do you say let's go..." in Italian?
what means let's go..." in Italian?
...andiamo?, ...andate? or was it perhaps vanno?

"wir werden uns treffen" or "wir würden uns treffen"
...what was the difference again?
...and what about the Subjunctive? or the Passive voice?


... verbs make a language become alive ...

...and Coniuno is the Shareware that makes you easily learn to conjugate them!


Coniuno is a program for learning and improving your abilities to do verb conjugations (e.g. "I go", "we swim", "they run", ...).
Instead of simple memorisation, this is achieved by naturally developing and strengthening your linguistic sensitivity for the respective language.

Vocabulary (e.g. "the house", "the wall", ...) can be memorised or they can be remembered in combination with short sentences (like e.g. "this is a big, red house").
But if one tries to remember all verb forms of the most important verbs in this way, then soon this method will not work anymore.
Had you thought that one single Italian verb builds 93 verb forms! (other languages accordingly)
And even if one restricts herself to the essential cases, then still there are about 40 verb forms remaining (in present, past, future, conditional etc.).
If we scale that to the perhaps most important 100 verbs, then we get a vocabulary of about 4000 words to keep in mind...

But now imagine a friend of yours would present you every evening for about 15 minutes continuously different verb forms in your mother tongue.
Your job would be to translate these verb forms into the corresponding training language, means e.g. "I go" => "vado", "you eat" => "mangi", "you write" => "scrivete", "you lough" => "ridi" etc.
This game would certainly be a bit exhausting at start, but pretty soon you would make notable progress and have lots of fun with it...
And you would be surprised how suddenly the various verb forms will naturally come to your mind when using them in sentences, just because you have trained your sensitivity for the language and have understood how to build verbs as such.

And this is exactly what Coniuno does.
For 200 regular and irregular verbs, as well as for your own, personal verbs, that you can group in training packages as you wish.

Let's give it a try:

Multiple Choice Training with Coniuno:

Multiple Choice Training

Coniuno Module "Multiple Choice Training"

In this module you get verb forms presented in your mother tongue (e.g. verb in mother tongue = "arrive", verb in training language = "arrivare", verb form = "we would arrive") and your job is to indicate the right solution from a choice of 5 alternatives. The 5 potential solutions are always taken from all possible verb forms of the respective language.
This is done on one hand to get a bigger choice of possible answers but also to make you familiar with those verb forms, which until today you perhaps have not yet worked with.


The Shareware version of Coniuno is always using the verbs "eat", "sleep" and "make" for training.
By obtaining the full version (9,50 Euro), you will get access to the 200 Coniuno default verbs, the numerous training settings, to adjust your training to your personal needs, as well as the Coniuno verb tables (e.g. Italian) as download for the PC version of the program.

Conjugate Verbs

Online verb conjugations

Verb tables containing verbs and rules

Coniuno module "Conjugate Verbs"

You can also use Coniuno as a library for arbitrary verb conjugations.
Just enter the respective regular or irregular verb and you will receive all conjugation forms in an instance.
In addition, define whether the verb shall be built in active or passive voice or if it is following male / female forms.

Alternatively you have the Coniuno verb tables at your disposal.
Here you will find beside the regular building rules, also the rules for irregular verbs, as well as special rules for building verbs in reflexive forms or passive voice. Use the verb tables as a handy tool for daily work.

In the licensed Coniuno version, you will receive the verb tables for installation in your Coniuno PC version.
By that you can check the respective current training verb in the verb table by one simple key press.

PC Installation

PC Installation

Coniuno is available as installation program for PCs / Laptops.
In addition to the multiple choice training and the verb conjugations, you can explicitly train selected verb forms, or train the verb forms for e.g. only singular III or plural II. Furthermore you get access to many settings to fine tune your training. And on top of that you have statistics functions, get verb card boxes, and have the possibility to use own verb lists, export / import those lists and get an Infinitive search for unknown verb forms.

For further information on the PC version, please see the Coniuno presentation.

Developer Corner

Coniuno is using PayPal as option to obtain the full version.
During the installation of the PayPal services I wrote a tutorial, which can help other developers to successfully integrate PayPal in their web pages. The tutorial is accessible here (feedback on own experiences is most welcome).
(sorry, only in German right now)

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