Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin
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how do you say "let's go..." in Italian?
, ...andate? or was it perhaps vanno?

         "wir werden uns treffen" or "wir würden uns treffen"
             ...what was the difference again?

                      and what about the Subjunctive? or the passive voice?


... verbs make a language become alive ...

...und Coniuno is the Shareware,
   that makes you easily learn conjugating them!

Conjugating Verbs with Coniuno


Coniuno is a program for learning and improving your skills in conjugating verbs (I go, you go, she/he goes, ...).
This is done by naturally developing and strengthening your linguistic sensitivity for the respective language.
Vocabulary (the house, the wall, ...) can be learned by heart, but using verb conjugations should happen smoothly and naturally, just the way how your are using them in your native language.
But to achieve this, it is not enough to just endlessly repeat a few conjugations of the very same verb on and on again.
One will know these few verb forms by heart very soon, but if there comes a different new verb, then quickly one will be uncertain in its usage again.
Once that part is achieved, learning the irregular verbs on top is just one more small step.

Consequently Coniuno's concept is to develop and strengthen your conjugation sensitivity, and not just only repeat a few selected combinations.
Just imagine, someone continuously asks you different verb forms from different verbs in your native language and your part is to find the according translation in the foreign language that your are studying, e.g. "I go", "you eat", "they write", "you laugh".
If you play this game for 15min every day, then indeed this is pretty exhausting, but certainly you will make good progress pretty soon.
And this is exactly what Coniuno does - for regular verbs and irregular verbs.

Coniuno in Short

Coniuno continuously asks you all kind of possible verb conjugations.
For this purpose the program either uses the 200 verbs coming along with the program or uses arbitrary verbs that you can specify with help of own training lists.
Here it is sufficient to add the verb combination, e.g. English "eat" = Italian "mangiare".
Coniuno will then prepare all conjugation forms automatically and use your verbs in your personal training.

And to make studying even more convenient, there is a conjugation help system showing you the currently needed conjugation rule.
Then there are detailed help files with all conjugation rules and irregular verb forms included, as well as complete verb tables, that can be loaded on demand.
Further there is a fault analysis information system, statistical information and a variety of extra functions, such as a multiple-choice test and comprehensive verb conjugation tables that you can use to conjugate any verb.
And last not least you can configure the program perfectly to your needs, using the wide range of options in the program.

Which verbs and in which languages can you conjugate with Coniuno?

Coniuno supports conjugating verbs in the Romance languages French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin, plus in addition to this, in English and German.
The conjugations can all be done in both directions.
That means, if for example, your native language is English, then you can conjugate from English to French or English to Italian and so on.
If, on the other hand, your native language is e.g. Spanish, then you also conjugate from Spanish to English or Spanish to French or Spanish to German and so on.
By that, you get an universal tool for conjugating verbs between all the supported languages in any direction you want.
The tool itself, as well as the help files and verb tables, come in English and German writing.

But what Coniuno cannot do?

Coniuno is no translation tool and Coniuno is no complete library of all possibly existing irregular verbs of a language.
Coniuno is just a helping tool to develop your language sensitivity, so that you will become more secure in using verbs and their various conjugations.
If nonetheless you want to use a special irregular verb that Coniuno does not know yet, then normally you can easily teach the verb to Coniuno, so that it can also be used for training.
Coniuno offers a simple-to-use interface for this.

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