Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin

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Export data

Activating the function: menu "File", "Export Data"

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The function "Export Data" allows to store selected or all training-verbsets, store all specific information about irregular verbs (irregular verb-info) as well as store the statistical counters of the functions "Statistics, Overview" and "Statistics, Verbdetails" that are used by Coniuno for training and for conjugation of verbs.

You can use this function to store own data, in case you want to upgrade the installed Coniuno version on your computer to a newer one. In this case first export all relevant data (either all data (training-verbsets and infos about irregular verbs) or all data in which you did changes). After you have installed the newer version of Coniuno, you can import the saved data into the new version again.

The window Export Data is divided into three areas. The upper part serves for exporting the training-verbsets, the middle part serves for exporting the irregular verb-infos and the lower part is for exporting the statistical counters. When exporting training-verbsets, you can define if all verbsets or a specific one (e.g. verbset 3 or example verbs) shall be exported. In addition you can define which languages shall be considered in the export. If you clicked "all training-verbsets" and all languages, then a complete export of all training-verbset data is done. To export the irregular verb-infos, you can define in the middle part of the window, which language-specific verb-infos shall be exported. Please note that during export of the statistical counters first the counter values of the current training are stored to the historical data (data of last trainings) and then are re-set to zero.

Start the actual export (the actual physical storing) by clicking the respective "ExportÂ…"-button in the upper, middle or lower part of the window. That will open a save-dialog, which you can use to set the file-name and the directory to where to store the data.


The training-verbsets as well as the irregular verb-infos are stored in normal text-files that can also be saved manually (e.g. by using the Windows program manager). You can find these files in the Coniuno installation directory (normally C:\Program Files\Coniuno\...) as:

- Training-Verbsets: Coniuno_verbs.ini
- Verb-Infos: Coniuno_settings.ger / eng / fra / ita / por / spa and lat

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