Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin

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Introduction to Coniuno

Coniuno is a program for learning and training verb conjugations in the languages German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Latin.

Aim of the program

The aim of the program is to understand verb conjugations as such and by that increase the understanding and feeling for the respective language. The idea is not to always repeat the same verbs and by that learn them by heart. Even if one knows these verbs perfectly very soon, one will soon be overstrained by new, untrained verbs in daily communication. By training conjugations without being bound to special selected verbs, on one hand the quick recognition of verb-forms is improved and on the other hand the automatically correct usage of the proper verb-form is increased.
Thus the idea behind Coniuno is to train the possible verb conjugations of arbitrary verbs in randomly order. These verbs might be regular, irregular, reflexive and/or passive.

A great of number of options allow you to adjust the program to exactly your training needs and wishes. If for example you want to do an exclusive training of a special new verb-form (e.g. the Präteritum in German or the Passato Remoto in Italian), then you can limit the training to exactly this verb-forms. Coniuno will perform training with all possible verbs with you until you can directly conjugate new, unknown verbs without any problems. Or maybe you often mix up the plural II and plural III in a language. Coniuno will only do training of plural II and/or plural III with you. Or you want to do training covering the whole spectrum of verbs to improve your general verb-certainty. Coniuno is standing by you (for further details, see Options).

Working with training-verbs

Coniuno is provided with a selection of around 200 example verbs, which can be used for training. You can supplement these verbs with own verbs, change or delete verbs and add own verbfiles. Verbfiles can be exchanged with friends and verbs can be imported/exported.

Coniuno is designed to conjugate all verbs of a training-language, also the irregular ones. The most irregularities are hereby automatically recognised by the program. The program however cannot cover some verb-particularities, for instance the information whether an Italian verb is conjugated like "finire" or the list of strong verbs in German. Coniuno already has broad lists of such information. As however not all in reality possibly existing verbs could have been tested, it might happen, that an irregular verb is not conjugated correctly. Often such a fault can already be corrected by inserting the respective verb in the program's lists for irregular verbs (for more information, see administer irregular verb-infos).
If an error cannot be corrected by this means, please send an eMail to Support (further details, see Coniuno, Support). The problem will be investigated and corrected for subsequent program-versions.

Coniuno can build verbs in their passive-tenses. Since also here the aim is to learn conjugation forms in their generality, this is done without considering whether a certain verb in a certain language would be used in passive-tense at all (also see Options, Passive). However, with help of the training-verbsets you can group a number of verbs in one training-verbset and then train the passive-forms with these verbs only (also see Verbset Administration (current verbfile)).

Verb-statistics and training-tip

Coniuno is collecting statistical data about your training. Coniuno stores the number of correctly and wrongly answered verbs per training-language. This general statistic (see Statistics, overview) serves on one hand for your information to better plan future trainings and on the other hand is used by Coniuno to determine the training-tip at program-start (also see Options, General).

In addition to that Coniuno stores the number of correct and wrong answers per verb. This detailed statistics (see Verb Selection, Card Boxes) is used by Coniuno to do a better selection of the training-verbs. The more often a verb was known correctly, the more seldom it will be selected. Opposite, verbs that were answered wrongly often are tested more frequently. For this purpose Coniuno offers five card boxes in which the verbs are listed accordingly. When a verb is included in which box as well as the frequency how often verbs are selected can be influenced by you.


Coniuno supports operating of several users on one computer, as user-relevant options and statistical counters are stored per user.
Regarding help how to administer multiple users on your computer, please refer to the Windows help.

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