Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin

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Multiple-Choice test

Activating the function: menu "Modules", "Multiple-Choice test"

This function provides a Multiple-Choice test based on the chosen language- and training-verbset settings. For a randomly selected verb, five possible solutions are offered. The aim is to identify and indicate the correct solution. Counters inform about the relation of correct to wrong answers. The verb here is selected from the current training language as well as from the current training-verbset. To change the training-language or the verbset, see options.

In the left area of the screen the currently selected verb is shown and below that, the verb-info that provides information about the searched verb-form. Right beside that, the five possible solutions are displayed. Always only one solution can be entered.

It is possible that one solution is shown more than once. This is particularly the case, if only few tenses and/or persons are allowed in the training-language (also see options).

At the right side the following buttons are located:

  • Next Verb

    The nextverb is chosen

  • Check Solution

    Coniuno checks the currently selected solution. If the solution is correct, the correct-counter and the total-counter in the status-bar of the screen are increased by one. If the solution is not correct, the wrong-counter and total-counter are stepped accordingly.

  • Restart

    The test is restarted and the correct/wrong/total counters are reset to 0

  • Help

    The help file is opened

  • Abort

    The test is finished

Below the verb-area two switches are located:

  • Check answer immediately

    If this switch is activated, then clicking a solution triggers the immediate check of the solution. If the switch is not activated then after selecting a solution first the "Check Solution" button needs to be clicked.

  • If correct, choose next verb directly

    If this switch is activated, then entering a correct solution triggers the immediate selection of the next verb. If this switch is not activated, then first the "Next Verb" button needs to be clicked.

The lower part of the screen is concluded by the status-bar, in which the current training-language, the currently selected training-verbset and the current counter-values are shown.

A solution can be entered by clicking the corresponding solution as well as by pressing the key combinations Alt+1 (solution 1), Alt+2 (solution 2), …, Alt+5 (solution 5).

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