Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin

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  Verbfiles, Verbsets and Verb-infos
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  Help on conjugation of verbs
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Terms and Conditions

I. Using Coniuno

  • Using the PC program

    Coniuno is a freely available, cost-free software.
    The Software can be used for unlimited time on as many devices as you wish.

  • Using the Online contents:

    Parts of the Coniuno PC program's functions are available on the Coniuno homepage. You can use these functions unlimitedly.
    To personalize your training, you can create an user account on the Coniuno homepage.
    Homepage: https://www.coniuno.com

  • Background to the program / voluntarily contribution:

    Coniuno is a hobby project, is privately financed, and lives from a large amount of invested spare time.
    If you like the program and want to contribute to its further development, I would be happy for a voluntarily donation.

II. Liability for defects

  • Coniuno was tested with a great number of verbs in the supported training languages.
    Liability though is explicitly excluded for damages caused by incorrectly conjugated verbs.
    Please note that the program's goal is to help you to learn conjugation patterns as such.
    The program's goal is not to provide a fully tested library of all verbs that might potentially exist in a language.
    If you should find a fault in the program or a verb that is incorrectly conjugated, please send an email to Coniuno, Support.

III. Scope of delivery

  • Coniuno is available as software including help files in German and English writing.
    Additionally included are the verb tables for all training languages in English and German writing.
    Coniuno can only be obtained on the Internet.

IV. Duplication, distribution and copying the program

  • You are allowed to create safety copies from Coniuno.
    It is not allowed to distribute your user data from your personal user account on the homepage to others.
  • You are allowed to duplicate/distribute/copy Coniuno to friends and relatives.
    This however must only be done using the original Coniuno setup file from the Coniuno homepage.
    Preferably though provide the download link from the Coniuno homepage, so you make sure to get the most recent version.
  • You must not offer Coniuno as a program for download on own web pages.
    Instead please use a link to https://www.coniuno.com or https://www.coniuno.com/files/coniuno.exe.
    By that it shall be ensured that only the most recent version is distributed.
  • You must not sell Coniuno or make business in any other way with Coniuno.
    A distribution of Coniuno on e.g. Shareware CD-ROMs that are not cost-free is only allowed with explicit approval.
  • For further question, please send a mail to: Coniuno, Support

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