Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin

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English Verb Table, Chapter 4/5

Chapter 4: The Irregular Verbs

The fourth chapter contains a selection of the most common, irregular (strong) verbs including their respective conjugations. These verbs are taken from the list of strong verbs (see appendix: list of irregular, strong verbs).

Some strong verbs are built differently in American English. You’ll find a list of these American verbs in the appendix: list of irregular, strong verbs (American English).

Selection of irregular (strong) verbs:
  1. awake, awoke, awoken
  2. become, became, become
  3. be, was, been
  4. begin, began, begun
  5. bet, bet, bet
  6. break, broke, broken
  7. bring, brought, brought
  8. build, built, built
  9. burn, burnt, burnt
  10. buy, bought, bought
  11. catch, caught, caught
  12. choose, chose, chosen
  13. come, came, come
  14. cost, cost, cost
  15. cut, cut, cut
  16. do, did, done
  17. draw, drew, drawn
  18. dream, dreamt, dreamt
  19. drink, drank, drunk
  20. drive, drove, driven
  21. eat, ate, eaten
  22. fall, fell, fallen
  23. feel, felt, felt
  24. fight, fought, fought
  25. find, found, found
  26. forbid, forbade, forbidden
  27. forget, forgot, forgotten
  28. forgive, forgave, forgiven
  29. freeze, froze, frozen
  30. get, got, got
  31. give, gave, given
  32. go, went, gone
  33. grow, grew, grown
  34. have, had, had
  35. hear, heard, heard
  36. hide, hid, hidden
  37. hit, hit, hit
  38. hold, held, held
  39. hurt, hurt, hurt
  40. keep, kept, kept
  41. know, knew, known
  42. lay, laid, laid
  43. learn, learnt, learnt
  44. leave, left, left
  45. let, let, let
  46. lie, lay, lain
  47. lose, lost, lost
  48. make, made, made
  49. mean, meant, meant
  50. meet, met, met
  51. pay, paid, paid
  52. put, put, put
  53. quit, quit, quit
  54. read, read, read
  55. ring, rang, rung
  56. rise, rose, risen
  57. run, ran, run
  58. say, said, said
  59. see, saw, seen
  60. sit, sat, sat
  61. sleep, slept, slept
  62. speak, spoke, spoken
  63. stand, stood, stood
  64. take, took, taken
  65. teach, taught, taught
  66. tell, told, told
  67. think, thought, thought
  68. understand, understood, understood
  69. wear, wore, worn
  70. win, won, won
  71. write, wrote, written

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