Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Easily learn verb conjugations with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs with Coniuno
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin
Conjugate verbs in German, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin

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Dutch Verb Table, Chapter 4/5

Chapter 4: The irregular verbs

The fourth chapter contains the irregular verbs.
In addition to that some of the most common regular weak and strong verbs are contained.
The strong verbs are taken from the list of strong verbs (see appendix: list of strong verbs).

The following colour scheme is used for the verb conjugations shown here:

 -regular conjugation: black
- conjugation rule for strong verbs: blue
- other conjugation rule (IX to XVI):green
- irregular conjugation: brown

  • The "regular conjugations" are conjugation rules, that are applicable to all verbs.
  • "conjugation rule for strong verbs" are describing the building forms for Indicatief - Onvoltooid verleden tijd "OVT" (Past") as well as Voltooid Deelwoord (Past Participle) of the respective strong verbs.
  • Differences in the conjugation forms caused by systematic irregularities like e.g. "avoiding double consonants" or "'t kofschip" are shown as "other conjugation rules (IX to XVI)".
  • The naming "irregular conjugation" eventually refers to differences from the conjugation rules that do only apply for that very one verb. These are the "real" irregular verbs.

  • Note:
    Regarding building rules for strong verbs and "other conjugation rules", refer to Verb irregularities.

  • Note 2:
    Verbs that are following the rules of groups 1 (ij-ee-e) and 2a/2b (ie-oo-o / ui-oo-o), are detected automatically by Coniuno and are thus not all contained in the list below. Examples for these verbs are:

Irregular strong and weak verbs:
(as well as some of the most common strong, regular verbs)

 25.antwoordenweak verb-
26. bederven, bedierf, bedorven strong verb -
27. beginnen, begon, begonnen strong verb -
28. benijden weak verb irregular
29. bergen, borg, geborgen strong verb -
30. betalen weak verb -
31. bidden, bad, gebeden strong verb -
32. bijten, beet, gebeten strong verb -
33. binden, bond, gebonden strong verb -
34. blinken, blonk, geblonken strong verb -
35. breken, brak, gebroken strong verb -
36. brengen weak verb irregular
37. buigen, boog, gebogen strong verb -
38. denken weak verb irregular
39. doen weak verb irregular
40. dragen, droeg, gedragen strong verb -
41. dringen, drong, gedrongen strong verb -
42. drinken, dronk, gedronken strong verb -
43. dromen weak verb -
44. drukken weak verb -
45. dunken weak verb irregular
46. duren weak verb irregular
47. dwingen, dwong, gedwongen strong verb
48. eten weak verb irregular
49. gaan weak verb irregular
50. gebeuren weak verb irregular
51. gebruiken weak verb -
52. geloven weak verb -
53. genezen, genas, genezen strong verb -
54. geven, gaf, gegeven strong verb -
55. glimmen, glom, geglommen strong verb -
56. graven, groef, gegraven strong verb -
57. grijpen, greep, gegrepen strong verb -
58. halen weak verb -
59. hangen, hing, gehangen strong verb -
60. hebben weak verb irregular (auxiliary verb)
61. heffen, hief, geheven strong verb irregular
62. helpen, hielp, geholpen strong verb -
63. herinneren weak verb -
64. horen weak verb -
65. houden, hield, gehouden strong verb irregular
66. houwen, hieuw, gehouwen strong verb irregular
67. kiezen, koos, gekozen strong verb -
68. klimmen, klom, geklommmen strong verb -
69. klinken, klonk, geklonken strong verb -
70. koken weak verb -
71. komen, kwam, gekomen strong verb irregular
72. kopen weak verb irregular
73. krijgen, kreeg, gekregen strong verb -
74. kunnen weak verb irregular (modal verb)
75. laten, liet, gelaten strong verb -
76. leggen weak verb -
77. lezen, las, gelezen strong verb -
78. liggen, lag, gelegen strong verb -
79. lopen, liep, gelopen strong verb -
80. maken weak verb -
81. meten, mat, gemeten strong verb -
82. moeten weak verb irregular (modal verb)
83. mogen weak verb irregular (modal verb)
84. nemen, nam, genomen strong verb -
85. ontmoeten weak verb -
86. openen weak verb -
87. praten weak verb -
88. roepen, riep, geroepen strong verb -
89. schenken, schonk, geschonken strong verb -
90. scheren, schoor, geschoren strong verb -
91. schrijven, schreef, geschreven strong verb -
92. schrikken, schrok, geschrokken strong verb -
93. schrinken, schronk, geschronkenstrong verb -
94. slaan weak verb irregular
95. slapen, sliep, geslapen strong verb -
96. sluiten, sloot, gesloten strong verb -
97. smelten, smolt, gesmolten strong verb -
98. spinnen, spon, gesponnen strong verb -
99. spreken, sprak, gesproken strong verb -
100.springen, sprong, gesprongen strong verb -
101.staan weak verb irregular
102.steken, stak, gesteken strong verb -
103.stelen, stal, gestolen strong verb -
104.sterven, stierf, gestorven strong verb -
105.stinken, stonk, gestonken strong verb -
106.treden, trad, getreden strong verb -
107.treffen, trof, getroffen strong verb -
108.trekken, trok getrokken strong verb -
109.vallen, viel, gevallen strong verb -
110.vangen, ving, gevangen strong verb -
111.varen, voer, gevaren strong verb -
112.vechten, vocht, gevochten strong verb -
113.vergeten, vergat, vergeten strong verb -
114.verliezen, verloor, verloren strong verb irregular
115.vermogen weak verb irregular
116.vinden, vond, gevonden strong verb -
117.vlechten, vlocht, gevlochten strong verb -
118.vragen, vroeg, gevraagd strong verb -
119.vriezen, vroor, gevroren strong verb irregular
120.wanhopen weak verb irregular
121.wegen, woog, gewogen strong verb -
122.werken weak verb -
123.werpen, wierp, geworpen strong verb -
124.weten weak verb irregular
125.willen weak verb irregular (modal verb)
126.winden, wond, gewonden strong verb -
127.wonen weak verb -
128.worden, werd, geworden strong verb (auxiliary verb)
129.wreken weak verb irregular
130.zeggen weak verb irregular
131.zenden, zond, gezonden strong verb -
132.zieden weak verb irregular
133.zien, zag, gezien strong verb irregular
134.zijn, was, geweest strong verb irregular (auxiliary verb)
135.zingen, zong, gezongen strong verb -
136.zinken, zonk, gezonken strong verb -
137.zitten, zat, gezeten strong verb -
138.zoeken weak verb irregular
139.zullen weak verb irregular (modal verb)
140.zwellen, zwol, gezwollen strong verb -
141.zwemmen, zwom, gezommen strong verb -
142.zwinden, zwond, gezwonden strong verb -

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